We focus on 1:1 or small group sessions.  You can choose between 50/50 yoga/massage or choose just a massage. This is a very intimate, relaxing, yet energizing experience.  Every session is catered specially to the individual and has a combination of yoga and healing hands-on touch.  We say massage as in 'energy exchange through healing, appropriate professional touch.' We have training in massage techniques but this is more of an intuitive approach.

Once you book your session, it works in the following order:  (we say "bar" because you can create the experience you want from a list of options!)

Step 1.  Are you coming to us in DTLA (this is a private in-loft studio) or are we coming to you?  We do home visits but also have a space for you.  

  • In Home

  • Come to Us

Step 2.  You and the teacher will be in the same attire.  This is a nude yoga massage bar, but you can absolutely opt out of that.  This is first and foremost, yoga/massage.

  • Nude? Experience true-liberation.

  • Topless? We can start there.

  • Clothed? This is perfect, too.

Step 3.  What type of yoga do you want your session to be?  Every session is 60 minutes in length.  The first 45 minutes is pure yoga. If you choose massage, that is 60 minutes of a tailored massage experience combining reiki, table thai, aromatherapy, and nuru.

  • Massage (1 hr- reiki/thai yoga/ healing energetic exchange)

    • Ashtanga Yoga

    • Power Vinyasa (guided practice)

    • Dynamic Vinyasa (some time given to free flow- great for the mind!)

    • Workshop style (specific poses you want to work on/enhance)

    • Slowburn Vinyasa (slower, more-grounded flow, with eyes closed)

    • YIN (longer holds, all grounded, deep stretching)

    • Inversions class (learn everything from Tripod to Headstand)

    • Acro- take your practice to higher heights with a partner!

    • Meditation- sit and observe breath and bodily sensations.

Step 4.  What types of oils would you like for your massage experience?  No matter what style of yoga you choose, the last 15 minutes will always integrate essential oils and hands on energy exchange.  Each session will also end with at least a 5 minute shavasana with a cold towel soaked in essential oils for complete energy healing and recovery.

In Summary:

You choose whether we come to you or you come to us, style of yoga you'd like to do, and types of essential oils for your hands-on adjustments.  This is the ultimate package of mind/body/soul connection.  


benefits you nude yoga:

1. It Honors the Body and Encourages Positive Body Image

Naked yoga helps you discover an entirely new way of looking at your own body, inspiring you to take pride and pleasure in your unique physique and capabilities. It teaches you to embrace your imperfections and open your heart to yourself and to the world with courage and confidence. For people who suffer from low self-esteem and poor body image, when they practice without clothing in a safe, nurturing environment, they come to appreciate their bodies and understand that their feelings of shame are not their own, but a kind of inherited mind-state that comes as a result of societal judgments. Naked yoga helps anyone who wishes to be free of the emotional shackles that prevent us from celebrating all that we are, and all that we can be.

2. It Furthers the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Well-crafted naked yoga practices remove any sense of restriction from clothing, promoting a greater sense of freedom, confidence, and an enhanced appreciation for the body. Seeing and feeling the body as it stretches and moves from one pose to the next results in a more mindful, sensual and connected practice. And when we are connected to ourselves, we are able to cultivate an inner awareness that leads us to a place where we can transcend earthly concerns and embrace a higher consciousness. Also, when we consider the role that clothing has played in society, it seems to be in direct opposition to the spirit of yoga, which speaks to “oneness” and union. By design, clothing reminds us of our differences, and serves as a distraction that leads us away from a central yogic principal: the commonality of all living things, which inspires peace, compassion and dedication to spirit.

3. It Has Innumerable Health Benefits

Aside from the well-known physiological benefits from practicing yoga, stress reduction, increased energy, enhanced overall strength, stamina and flexibility, improved respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and brain function, naked yoga practitioners experience greater self-acceptance, appreciation and self-actualization. Feeling good psychologically is a powerful immune-booster, and everyone knows that when we feel better mentally, we feel better physically as well. Naked yoga allows people to experience freedom from inhibitions, opinions of others and any shame about the body, which can lead to low energy and poor health. As you learn to love and respect yourself, negativity burns away and any of the physical repercussions from harboring or holding toxic emotions get resolved. The body, mind and spirit unite and heal, and you feel deeply energized, vital and calm.

4. It’s Genuinely Sexy

While naked yoga in its true form has little to do with society’s preconceived notions of sex or eroticism, make no mistake: naked yoga is sexy. It’s the sort of sexy that comes from inside, when someone feels authentically connected, confident, and alive. Naked yoga gives people permission to feel joyful and radiant, at home in their own skin, blissfully unselfconscious and aware. It encourages practitioners to claim their birthright: freedom and happiness, and to uncover their most primal, powerful, sacred, sensual, integrated, original selves. And that’s truly sexy.

5. It Makes the World a More Peaceful Place

The practice inspires self-love and acceptance, and these effects ripple out in concentric circles of compassion and kindness. You will cultivate love and compassion, and be so moved by your own discoveries, that you’ll be inspired to share this sacred sense of celebration with others, and as a result, the world becomes a kinder, more compassionate, more peaceful place.